With a diverse musical background and an instinct for storytelling, William Barry yields a unique, yet versatile, compositional style.  Displaying a range of classical, industrial, rock, pop, and electronic influences, his numerous works and film scores often show an appreciation for contemporary abstractions as well, creating a sound that sets him apart from other composers.   

From a young age,  William knew he wanted to pursue a life of music.  Shortly after receiving a bachelors degree in classical guitar performance from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 2011, William Barry pursued a graduate education in composition.  In 2014 he completed an M.F.A. in film music composition from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. 

Upon completing his Master’s degree, William moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides.  In 2018,  his compelling score for the short film A Precious Life was nominated for best original score at both the London International Filmmaker Festival, and  the Milan International Filmmaker Festival.  

Though he has composed concert works, as well as music for a variety of media, William Barry’s main focus is on cinematic collaboration.  His use of non-conventional sound sources and ensembles, combined with a personal passion for filmmaking, allow his scores to transcend without being intrusive.  His latest work Variations, a three movement concert work, is scheduled to release early 2021.